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Machine Learning Powered Customer Acquisition & Retention

Having a defined customer data strategy is critical to guiding marketing initiatives that ensure you’re effectively engaging with the right consumers at the right time. We’re helping business leaders understand how, based on your current customer lifecycle, you can improve your data strategy with machine learning to increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) with more agile and tailored customer engagements.

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Can you spot and react to changes in your business in real time?

Our data analytics solutions provide streaming data capture combined with real-time data analytics, so you don’t miss an opportunity. We provide a host of consulting services and solutions that help clients migrate and expand their data center capabilities to the cloud. Experience the Aritex Advantage.

Business Practices


○ Application Migration & Modernization

○ Database Migration and Conversion

○ Containers & Microservices

○ VMware Cloud Integration

DevOps and Cloud Transformation

○ Change to CI/CD Design and Deployment

○ Organizational and Process Alignment

○ Compliance

○ Cloud Automation, Monitoring, Metrics

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

○ Data and Machine Learning Foundation

○ Cloud Native Data Lake

○ Machine Learning Infrastructure

○ Machine Learning Model Management Platform

Big Data and Analytics

○ Streaming Data Platform

○ Fast Data Lake Ecosystem

○ Real-Time Microservices

○ Real-Time Data Analytics


Consulting & Managed Services

Accelerate your cloud journey with Aritex services. Get it done right the first time in less time

Analyze, design and map your journey to the cloud
App Discovery & Dependency
Cost Modeling
Future State Strategy Mapping
Business Case Development
Develop, deploy and enhance applications in the cloud that transform your business
Workload Migration
Application Development
Application Refactoring
Operations Training
Optimize performance, cost and business process through continuous improvement
Cost Optimization
Consolidated Billing
Performance Optimization
Business Process Enhancement
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