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Every company is a technology company.

And manufacturing companies face 4 common challenges that slow their ability to deploy cutting edge technology:


○ Numerous AI/ML possibilities exist for manufacturers.  Where to begin?

○ Daily emergence of new technology solutions.  How to maintain focus?

○ Understand business needs and deliver solutions with calculable ROI


○ Machine Downtime

○ Under-utilized Workforce

○ Scrap & Defects

○ Underperforming IT structure


○ Disparate data sources

○ Fragmented infrastructure

○ No confidence in data accuracy

○ Lack of actionable insights


○ AI enabled engineering controls

○ Facility security & access control

○ Technology enabled protection for workers interfacing with machinery and vehicles

We solve business problems to increase throughput, reduce inventory and improve bottom line results.

Aritex Manufacturing harnesses the power of operational & information technology and data analytics, combined with 25 years of manufacturing management experience.

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Download our Solutions Brief for more information on how to improve your manufacturing operations.

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Our workshop creates world class, turn-key solutionsthat can be immediately implemented in your business.

First we seek to understand. We never want to develop a solution without truly understanding the business case and the associated return on investment. We begin every engagement with an assessment workshopwhere we deploy technology and manufacturing experts to work with your team and understand every opportunity.  From there, we plan, design and deliver custom solutions on time and on budget.

Develop understanding of the current state of the operation and areas for improvement. Collect data through interviews with key stakeholders.
Data driven problem solving yields measurable solutions. Implement  Proof-of-Concept to earn buy-in of management and key stakeholders.
Build automation and scalability frameworks, get involved with structural changes in organizational design, processes and tools.
Scale the achievements to the whole organization and ensure continuous support and knowledge sharing.

We can help your business reach the next level. Fill out this form to talk to our manufacturing experts:

Tell us what you need. We'll take you on a journey from to start to finish. 80% of everything we do, we have done before and the 20% left becomes the impetus to develop your unique competitive advantage.

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