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Has your Organization ever considered migrating and running Windows workloads in the AWS cloud? If not, it is worth exploring. The International Data Corporation (IDC) conducted in-depth interviews with 12 organizations that are running various Windows workloads.  Most of the organizations were moving from legacy on-premise data centers to AWS. There are many reasons why organizations make the decision to move to the cloud such as cost reduction, security,performance, and productivity.

Many of the companies that were interviewed were moving away from on-premise infrastructure strictly due to all the costs such as equipment and IT staff. Those participating in IDCs study reported “paying 37% less on an annualized basis than comparable workloads with their previous IT environments.”Moving workloads to AWS has become a viable option for companies to drastically lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This helps organizations invest more heavily in future goals and initiatives as opposed spending money on on-premise resources.

In addition to cost savings, organizations reported staff efficiency as being one of the most important benefits of moving Windows workloads to AWS. Running workloads on an on-premise data center absorbs much of your IT staffs time, resulting in a decreased focus on innovation and forward-thinking initiatives. Some of these tasks may include server maintenance, backups & HA, scalability, data Security, OS/software mgmt, patching, and power & cooling. IDCs study uncovered significant efficiency improvements such as, “75%efficiency improvement for IT infrastructure teams, 59% for IT security teams,and an average efficiency of 47% across all teams.” These efficiencies give your IT teams more freedom and allow for increased creativity and innovation.

Organizations using AWS benefit from the ability to add compute, storage, or database resources on short notice. This allows for greater agility, quicker speed to market, and the ability to innovate at a much more rapid pace.

If increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs is something that could benefit your organization, lets connect to discuss how we can help!Please feel free to send us a note at and we can find sometime to have a conversation.

Brian Davenport

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