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I am sure most of you have at least heard of “artificial Intelligence (AI)”. Organizations all over the world are putting more focus on emerging technologies like AI in order to expedite their ability to innovate,cut costs, increase process efficiency and effectiveness, deliver greater value to customers, and finally, to create an advantage over other competitors (to name a few). AI is a term that gets thrown around loosely and is simply a buzzword until you put it in to action. There are several steps to account for in order to make sure that you get the most out of an AI project. Below are five simple steps to consider when exploring AI.

1. Identify the business problem that you want to solve

Without a business problem, it is difficult to measure success. If you are not able to measure success, it makes it difficult to evaluate your ROI. It is important to understand the problem that needs to be solved and why AI is the best solution. Additionally, your organization should have use cases that apply specifically to your business problem.

2. Do you have buy-in from the leadership at your company?

Like other large projects, AI projects take commitment from everyone on the team. Making sure everyone is highly engaged and committed will drastically increase the chances of success for your AI project. This may be one of the most important steps and is crucial in ensuring that the project meets your business needs.

3. Identify what data is going to be used. Is it clean?

Once you have buy-in within your organization, you need to make sure that your data is clean and organized prior to implementing AI into your business. Many organizations have siloed data, messy data, or may not even know what data exists within the organization. If you want a successful AI implementation, you must ensure that your data is clean. If your input is messy/unorganized, your output won’t deliver accurate and effective results.  

4. Do you have all the proper internal resources?

Many companies “want” to create an AI project but may not be able to if the proper resources do not exist within the organization. This means that you must evaluate your organization holistically to figure out if any processes need to be refreshed, additional team members need to be hired,or if technology needs to be updated. Many times, companies will hire an expert to assist with this evaluation process ensuring that all the proper systems are in place prior to starting the project.

5. Bring in an expert

It is highly recommended to bring in an outside expert.Outside experts will collaborate with your team members ensuring that the project is set up in a way to maximize your results and ROI.

Want to learn more? Let’s connect to discuss how we can help as we have a ton of experience in this space! Please feel free to send us a note at and we can find some time to have a conversation.

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